Welcome to the #UBLawResponds-COVID Blog Space!

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By Kim Diana Connolly and Vanessa Glushefski

Welcome to #UBLawResponds-COVID. This is a project of the University at Buffalo School of Law’s COVID Response Legal Clinic, which launched during the fall semester of 2020. In this space, Student Attorneys, faculty, and some friends will share posts relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic.[1]


#UBLawResponds-COVID Student Attorneys help provide legal assistance in multiple legal areas to lessen the burden on existing legal services providers. In the clinical course, these Student Attorneys study substantive areas of law, and essential skills such as trauma-informed lawyering. They are eager to work on the front lines to provide “helpful help” in various urgent areas that have arisen because of or been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our posts will communicate ideas, developments, resources, and other information. In these beginning months, the clinic is still building its practice and focus areas, so not all issues we post here may be something for which we will be able to directly provide legal assistance to clients. But do reach out to us at law-covid@buffalo.edu if something piques your interest, and we can try to help or connect you with others who might be able to assist!

[1] Any opinions are those of the authors may not be a position of the clinic.